Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kinsler Turns Two In Style

Ryan Braun was 2-6 with 1 RBI and 2 runs scored against the Dodgers.

Gabe Kapler was 1-3 with 1 RBI and 1 run scored against the Mariners.

Kevin Youkilis was 1-4 against the Angels.

Ian Kinsler was 1-4 against the A's. Check out this sweet DP Kinsler started.

Ike Davis was 1-4 against the Reds.


William said...

Sorry I forgot about Kinsler in the second base discussion yesterday. He was hurt for so long that he wasn't listed in the stats and I forgot about him.

Josh Borenstein said...

Understandable. That's actually one thing that has really held Kinsler back, as far as being considered one of the best 2B in the game. His durability has always been a huge question mark.