Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6-15, 6 BBs, 4 HRs, 7 RBIs, 7 Runs Scored, 1 Win

Kevin Youkilis was 2-3 with 2 BBs, 1 HR (his 7th), 3 RBIs, and 2 runs scored against the Yankees. Youk's 6th inning blast gives him 100 for his career. He joins Hank Greenberg, Al Rosen, Sid Gordon, Shawn Green, and Ryan Braun as the only JMLs to hit 100 or more HRs.

Batting 3rd, Ian Kinsler was 1-3 with 1 BB, 1 HR (his 1st), 2 RBIs, and 1 run scored against the Angels. Told you not to worry about that HR drought. There is one thing, though. Kinsler was caught stealing for the 3rd time this year. For a guy whose success rate coming into this season was 87.5%, 2 SBs out of 5 attempts is a little disconcerting. Looks like that ankle hasn't fully healed.

Ryan Braun was 1-3 with 1 BB, 1 HR (his 7th), 1 RBI, and 2 runs scored against the Reds.

Batting 5th, Ike Davis was 1-3 with 1 BB, 1 HR (his 4th), 1 RBI, and 1 run scored. Davis has been batting 6th for most of the season.

Gabe Kapler was 1-2 with 1 BB, 1 HBP, and 1 run scored against the Indians.

Adam Stern was 0-1 against the Reds.

Craig Breslow picked up his 1st win of the year. He pitched 1 scoreless inning on 2 Ks against the Mariners.


William said...

Geez, you would think Stern would get a start here sooner or later. Otherwise, a good night for your guys.

Anonymous said...