Monday, May 17, 2010

I Was There, Man

Kevin Youkilis was 2-5 with 1 HR (his 6th), 2 RBIs, and 2 runs scored against the Yankees. Youk needs just 1 more HR for 100.

Batting 3rd, Ian Kinsler was 1-4 with 1 double (his 6th), 1 RBI, and 1 run scored against the Angels.

Kinsler has yet to go deep in the 17 games he's played this season. I wouldn't put too much stock in it, though; Kinsler has a history of HR droughts. In 2006, he went 19 games without a HR. In 2007, he went 22 games without a HR. In 2008, he went 29 games without a HR. And last year, he went 20 games without a HR.

Ryan Braun was 1-5 against the Reds. Since coming back from a left elbow contusion, Braun is 3 for his last 17.

Gabe Kapler was 1-2 against the Indians.

Ike Davis was 0-2 with 1 BB, 1 HBP, and 1 run scored against the Braves.

Craig Breslow pitched 1/3 of an inning against the Mariners. Breslow is the only JML pitcher having a good season. Through 15 innings, his WHIP is 1.27 and his ERA is 3.00. He has 15 Ks.

John Grabow picked up his 5th hold of the season, despite a rocky outing. Grabow pitched 2/3 of an inning and gave up 1 run on 1 hit and 2 BBs against the Rockies. I actually attended this game. First walk-off HR I've ever seen - and it was in extra innings. Pretty exciting.


William said...

Had to catch up three days since things have been crazy around here. Recap:

Youkilis - to say he's seeing the ball really well right now would be an understatement.

Feldman - You got me to love the guy and now you might abandon him? See that's the benefit of being Italian. You can't deny or denounce you are Italian.

Davis is still contributing with ways to get on base, but he hasn't hit in a while.

It wasn't for stupid Hold and Blown Save rules, Grabow should not have gotten a hold and should have gotten a blown save. Marmol walked one guy in an otherwise brilliant appearance. But that one guy scored a run since the bases were loaded with Grabow guys. Silly rules.

Wish my team had Breslow. Wouldn't have needed a walk off homer to win it is they did.

Jim said...

My brother and I were having a bit of a debate - who is the most "prominent" Jewish hitter today.

He argues that Ryan "The Hebrew Hammer" Braun is a top five player and has a national following.

I replied that Youk plays in a much bigger market, played in the World Series, and is known to be MOT because of the funny Dennis Leary commentary that goes around youtube every now and again.

Thoughts on who the most 'prominent' or most 'visible' Jewish hitter is?

Josh Borenstein said...

Good question, Jim.

Youk has been around since 2004, so he's got a few years on Braun. He also received recognition in 2003 because of Moneyball. As you said, Boston is a much bigger market than Milwaukee, so you know he's gotten national exposure.

That's not to say that Braun hasn't gotten any national exposure. He won Rookie of the Year in 2007, which is a pretty big deal and appears to be a lock for the All-Star game for many years to come.

Youk's unique stance has also helped put him on the map. He's been involved in a few scraps, too (Manny in the dugout, Porcello last year).

I would have to agree with you; Youk is the most prominent JML.