Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Setback To Ike's Comeback

An MRI revealed that Ike Davis' injured left ankle hasn't healed. Ike will wear a protective boot on his ankle for the next 3 weeks. Initially, the Mets anticipated Ike's return in late May or early June. It now looks like we won't see him back on the field until July.

Batting 7th, Sam Fuld was 1-2 with 1 BB and 1 SB (his 13th) against the Rangers.

Batting 6th, Danny Valencia was 1-3 with 1 BB against the Tigers.

Batting leadoff, Ian Kinsler was 0-3 with 1 BB, 1 run scored, and 1 SB (his 11th) against the Rays.

Batting 3rd, Ryan Braun was 0-4 with 1 RBI against the Reds.

Batting cleanup, Kevin Youkilis was 0-4 against the White Sox.


William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

I'm starting to wonder about Youkilis. He's still getting his walks. But he doesn't appear to be the hitter he used to be. hmmm

Josh Borenstein said...

Neither does A-Rod. They're having similar seasons.