Monday, May 9, 2011

Ike & Ian With Multi-Hit Games

Batting leadoff, Ian Kinsler was 2-4 with 1 run scored against the A's.

Batting 5th, Ike Davis was 2-4 against the Rockies.

Batting 5th, Danny Valencia was 1-5 against the Red Sox.

Batting 3rd, Ryan Braun was 0-3 with 1 BB and 1 SB (his 5th) against the Padres.

Batting cleanup, Kevin Youkilis was 0-3 with 2 BBs (1 IBB) against the Twins.

Craig Breslow pitched 1 scoreless inning on 2 hits and 1 K against the Twins.

1 comment:

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

I still don't like Youkilis at third. Except for the walks, he really hasn't been himself thus far.

Good night for Ike in a losing cause.