Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jack Kerouac, Meet Scott Feldman

Scott Feldman picked up his 14th win of the year against the Twins, which means he now has as many wins as Jason Marquis. Only a matter of time, the way he's been pitching.

Feldman pitched 5 2/3 innings of shutout ball on 4 hits, 4 BBs, and 2 Ks. I guess he was effectively wild with those 4 free passes. Whatever works.

Remarkably, this was Feldman's 10th win on the road. Jack Kerouac may have written the book On The Road, but Feldman is writing the book on how to win on the road. Corny? Yes. But that's how I roll.

Feldman has pitched 12 2/3 scoreless innings dating back to his last start. His WHIP is 1.26. His ERA is 3.72.

Marquis picked up his 9th loss of the season against the Giants. He went 6 innings and gave up 5 runs on 9 hits, 1 BB, and 2 Ks. Not quite the line Marquis put up against Zito and the Giants in his last start. At the plate, Marquis was 1-1 with 1 sacrifice bunt. His WHIP is 1.28. His ERA is 3.60.

Batting 5th, Ian Kinsler was 2-3 with 1 BB, 1 RBI, and 2 SBs (his 27th and 28th) against the Twins. The prospect of a 30/30 season for Kinsler is tantalizingly close.

Kevin Youkilis was 1-3 with 1 HBP and 1 SB (his 6th) against the Blue Jays. Youk has set a career-high with his 6 SBs this season. Of course, he's also approaching a career-high in HBP...

Ryan Braun was 0-2 with 1 HBP and 1 RBI against the Pirates. Braun is tantalizingly close to hitting 100 career HRs; his next HR will make 100.

Brad Ausmus was 1-4 with 1 RBI against the Reds.

Gabe Kapler was 1-3 with 1 SB (his 5th) against the Tigers.


William said...

Jack Kerouac - Clever. :)

You missed Fuld, who was 0-4 I think. You see what you have done? Now I check these guys every night.

Way to go, Feldman! Go Rangers!

What, Youkilis didn't charge the mound? heh

Josh Borenstein said...

Fuld was 0-4 yesterday. Besides, I was actually at the Cubs game. Fuld didn't bat, but he did come in as a defensive replacement late in the game.