Monday, September 22, 2008

Make Room for Marquis, Sweet Lou!

Jason Marquis has come up big a few times this year, none bigger than his win a few weeks ago against the Reds. Context: the Cubs had lost six games in a row and were well on their way to living up to their infamous acronym of "Completely Useless By September." A typical Cubs collapse was in the works, but not if Marquis had anything to say about it.

Marquis went 7 strong innings, giving up only two runs. He also homered in the game. When push came to shove, it was Marquis - not Zambrano - not Dempster - not Lilly - not Harden - who was the stopper.

I actually saw Marquis in person last month in Pittsburgh; he was lights out. His last outing against Houston was a quality start as well.

And tonight he had yet another strong outing against the Mets, notching his eleventh victory of the season. He also hit a grand slam and had 5 RBIs on the day, giving him 10 RBIs on the year. The last Jewish pitcher to hit a grand slam was Saul Rogovin of the Detroit Tigers in 1950.

No disrespect to Sean Marshall, but he's only had 6 starts this season for the Cubs. Marquis has had 28.

Marquis brings with him grit and veteran leadership. Marshall brings inexperience and lots of question marks. Come to think of it, this sort of mirrors the election this year. Only my positions are reversed for that.

My vote goes to Marquis in October.

And Obama in November.


Matt said...

Whoa, I thought this blog was not political. What happened to good old jewish baseball talk?

Josh Borenstein said...

It's not political. I just saw an ironic parallel and went with it. Believe me, that's the only time you'll ever see me push for Obama.