Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You

Jason Marquis hit the showers early against the Angels. He just didn't have it tonight. That much was clear as he picked up his 5th loss of the season. Marquis gave up 8 runs (7 earned) in 3 1/3 innings on 9 hits, 2 BBs, and 4 Ks. His ERA went from 3.71 to 4.22.

Ian Kinsler was 1-4 with 1 run scored against the Diamondbacks. Also swiped his 15th bag of the season.

Ryan Braun was 2-4 against the Twins.

Kevin Youkilis was 0-3 with 1 BB and 1 run scored.

John Grabow pitched 1 inning of scoreless relief against the Indians. He had 2 Ks.

1 comment:

William said...

I wish Mr. Marquis would let me know when he was going to have a bad game. Oh well.