Thursday, May 7, 2009

Melvin Shown the (Revolving) Door

In the wake of Manny being Barry, Bob Melvin was fired by the Arizona Diamondbacks in what has quickly become the NL Wild West. Melvin's D-Backs were the division champs in 2007, where they won 90 games. However, last year was considered a setback for the franchise, as the team won 82 games. This year, the D-Backs were off to an uninspiring 12-17 start before Melvin got canned. To be fair, though, Brandon Webb has been MIA all season long and the offense has been anemic, to say the least.

For those keeping score, here's a recap of said revolving door:

Kevin Youkilis goes out - Jeff Bailey and Ryan Braun come in.

Manny Ramirez goes out - Xavier Paul and Juan Pierre come in.

Bob Melvin goes out - A.J. Hinch and Josh Whitesell come in.

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William said...

It's too bad that Melvin was a genius two years ago and a bum this year. It's far too often that the manager takes the rap for bad decisions in the front office.