Sunday, August 29, 2010

Braun Finishing Strong - Hopefully

Batting 3rd, Ryan Braun was 4-4 with 1 BB, 1 HR (his 19th), 2 RBIs, and 3 runs scored against the Pirates.

Batting 6th, Ike Davis was 1-4 with 1 double (his 24th) and 1 run scored against the Astros.

Batting 8th, Brad Ausmus was 0-3 with 2 BBs and 1 run scored against the Rockies.

Batting 6th, Danny Valencia was 0-3 against the Mariners.

Craig Breslow pitched 2 scoreless innings on 1 K against the Rangers.


William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Great day for Brauny and Breslow. Typical day for Ike.

Anonymous said...

Josh - Is Brian Cashman, the GM of the Yankees, Jewish? We were taking a quiz on Sporcle to name all of the Jewish Major Leaguers, and he was one of the answers. We thought he was Catholic and of Irish descent.

Also, love the blog. Any September call-ups we should keep an eye on?

Josh Borenstein said...

Yeah, I think it's a common mistake with Cashman. Pretty sure he's not Jewish.

Thanks Anon. Hard to say. Sam Fuld will probably be back up in September. Adam Stern could be back up as well. Jason Hirsh has pitched well all year in AAA, so he's another guy to keep an eye on. Michael Schwimer has split the year in AA and AAA for the Phillies and has pitched well. Ben Guez has been decent in AAA for the Tigers. He and Schwimer are the only "new guys" I can think of who have a shot.