Monday, October 26, 2009

Never Too Early To Speculate And Prognosticate

Jason Marquis will sign a 2-year deal with the Mets and will relish pitching at Citi Field. However, he won't be a media darling in New York. The team that Marquis signs with in the offseason will make the playoffs next year. Take it to the bank.

Expect a down year from Ryan Braun if the Brewers shop Prince Fielder for starting pitching. Should this come to pass, Braun will have little to no protection in that lineup and will be pitched around. If Fielder remains on the Brewers, expect what we've come to expect from Braun.

Kevin Youkilis will have another great season. He'll fall a little short of 25 HRs, but he'll set a career-high in doubles with 44. However, if he continues to man the hot corner for the Sox, injuries may slow him down.

Ian Kinsler will have another 20/20 season. He will win his 1st Gold Glove and will be about as durable as he was in 2009. He will no longer be a leadoff man. Instead, he will bat 5th most of the time. As a result, he will drive in 100 runs.

Scott Feldman will make his 1st All-Star Team next year. His newly developed cut fastball will serve him well. He will have at least 14 wins. His stamina will be much improved, and he will pitch his 1st complete game in 2010.

Unfortunately, Ryan Sadowski will not pitch in The Bigs next year unless the Giants' rotation is decimated by injuries.

Sam Fuld will effectively replace Reed Johnson as the Cubs' 4th outfielder. He'll get more playing time. His .409 OBP may not be sustainable in a larger sample size, but he'll still get on base at a relatively high clip.

Josh Whitesell will be platooned at 1st base. He'll have more ABs than he had in 2009. More importantly, he'll have better ABs. And if he does well enough, the starting job could be his by midseason. If he does poorly, he'll be buried in the Diamondbacks' farm system or let go.

Aaron Poreda will have a shot at making the Padres rotation at the start of the season, but I believe he will once again be used in the bullpen. If he can cut down on the free passes, he could be moved into the rotation by June.

The Cubs will sign John Grabow to a 3-year deal or a 2-year deal with a club option. Most Cub fans will think Jim Hendry overpaid for him, but Grabow will have earned his paycheck when it's all said and done.

Unlike the Indians and the Twins, the A's will not put Craig Breslow on waivers next year. He will continue to be one of the best middle relievers in all of baseball.

Scott Schoeneweis may sign a 1-year deal with a team looking for a lefty specialist, but I have my doubts. I believe he will get a Spring Training invite from a team, and that's as much action as he'll see in 2010.

Brad Ausmus will either sign another 1-year deal with the Dodgers or call it quits. I'm leaning towards the latter. However, he'll be an MLB skipper soon enough. Before signing with the Dodgers, Ausmus had expressed interest in playing for the Padres. Should he sign with the Padres, he and Poreda would form a Jewish battery.

Gabe Kapler will sign a 1-year deal with a team in need of a 4th outfielder. Given Rocco Baldelli's lingering health issues, Kapler could return to Boston. If the Rays make Ben Zobrist their everyday 2nd baseman, Kapler will likely be re-signed by Tampa Bay. To tell you the truth, I have no idea where he will end up.

Mets 1B prospect Ike Davis will get a September call-up.

Last but not least, Phillies in 7.

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William said...

You already have one in the "correct" column as Kaplar signed with Tampa. Good for him and for them. Your other picks look solid.