Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apologies to Sam Fuld

For not putting him in the poll. I completely forgot about him. And he's right here under my nose! Sam may not hit a lot of HRs, but that hasn't hurt his extra-base hit total. In 423 games in the Minors, he has 97 doubles and 18 triples. Also has 62 SBs. He's hitting .288 with a .372 OBP and a .406 SLG. Must have a pretty good arm, too. In 2007, he had 17 assists from the outfield in 100 games. In 2008, he had 8 assists in 83 games.

The Cubs could certainly use a bona fide center fielder. Not to mention a table setter. Splitting time between Reed Johnson and Jim Edmonds worked last year. But Edmonds is gone now, and Johnson can't carry the load all by himself. Give him the call, Mr. Hendry. And give him a fair shake during Spring Training. If you're going to phone it in by dumping salary in the offseason, the least you can do is try to improve the ballclub during the regular season.


William said...

Lou P. playing a rookie? Will never happen... Wish it would, but not Lou.

William said...

Hey Josh, did you hear that Koufax got caught up in the Madoff thing? Sorry to hear about that.

Josh Borenstein said...

I think you're right about Lou. Didn't give Pie much of a chance, and he was a highly touted prospect.

Yeah, I just heard about it. Koufax could always make money, though, if he decided to come out of his shell. Interviews, motivational speeches, public appearances... these are all viable options.