Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obsessed with OPS?

1. Hank Greenberg - 1.121 (1938, Detroit Tigers)
2. Hank Greenberg - 1.104 (1937, Detroit Tigers)
3. Hank Greenberg - 1.103 (1940, Detroit Tigers)
4. Hank Greenberg - 1.042 (1939, Detroit Tigers)
5. Hank Greenberg - 1.039 (1935, Detroit Tigers)
6. Al Rosen - 1.035 (1953, Cleveland Indians)
7. Hank Greenberg - 1.004 (1934, Detroit Tigers)
7. Ryan Braun - 1.004 (2007, Milwaukee Brewers)
8. Hank Greenberg - .977 (1946, Detroit Tigers)
9. Shawn Green - .972 (1999, Toronto Blue Jays)
10. Shawn Green - .970 (2001, Los Angeles Dodgers)
11. Mike Epstein - .965 (1969, Washington Senators)
12. Sid Gordon - .960 (1950, Boston Braves)
13. Kevin Youkilis - .959 (2008, Boston Red Sox)
14. Al Rosen - .948 (1950, Cleveland Indians)
14. Hank Greenberg - .948 (1945, Detroit Tigers)
15. Shawn Green - .943 (2002, Los Angeles Dodgers)
16. Phil Weintraub - .936 (1944, New York Giants)
17. Sid Gordon - .927 (1948, New York Giants)
18. Buddy Myer - .919 (1938, Washington Senators)
19. Al Rosen - .911 (1952, Cleveland Indians)
20. Al Rosen - .910 (1954, Cleveland Indians)
21. Sid Gordon - .909 (1949, New York Giants)
22. Buddy Myer - .908 (1935, Washington Senators)
23. Ron Blomberg - .893 (1973, New York Yankees)
24. Ian Kinsler - .892 (2008, Texas Rangers)
25. Ryan Braun - .888 (2008, Milwaukee Brewers)

Special Mention:
Lou Boudreau - .987 (1948, Cleveland Indians)
Mike Lieberthal - .914 (1999, Philadelphia Phillies)


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